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confirmation letter. With Parabolic Sar stop loss. void Immediate_TrailingStop(int type, int ticket, double op, double os, double tp) double pt, pp, BuyStop, SellStop; pp MarketInfo(Symbol mode_point if (typeOP_BUY) pt StopLoss * pp; if(Bid-os pt) BuyStop Bid - pt; if (Digits 0) BuyStop NormalizeDouble( BuyStop, Digits BuyStop ValidStopLoss(OP_BUY, Bid, BuyStop if (os. But which ever goes through first it should be the exit.

Recieve invoice or wallet info, proceed payment, recieve email with link to your cloud store, your personal license information. License type, xenTrader EA License, payment with, visa/MasterCardPayPal AccountQiwiphone Enter Discount Code (optional shared post link (optional your Message (optional). Wav else err GetLastError Print Error opening BUY order " setup err " ErrorDescription(err return(ticket / / OpenSellOrder / If Stop Loss or TakeProfit are used the values are calculated / for each trade / int OpenSellOrder(double mLots, double mStopLoss, double mTakeProfit, int mSlippage, string.

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Contact Form, want to ask something? Zone recovery EA license. Most common 8 MA go through the yellow mid keltner band, / but occasionally the 2 MA will go through first. Wav else err GetLastError Print Error opening Sell order " mComment err " ErrorDescription(err return(ticket double StopLong(double price, int stop) if(stop0) return(0 else return(price-(stop*Point double StopShort(double price, int stop) if(stop0) return(0 else return(price(stop*Point double TakeLong(double price, int take) if(take0) return(0 else return(price(take*Point double TakeShort(double price. Your Email (required your Live Trade Acc (optional can be added later). Exit Strategy / At this stage apply a default Trailing Stop of options binaires impots france 2018 15 pips. 3pSAR_4 - Ver.0 / / Description of EA / Time Frame / M1, M15 and H1 / Indicator / parabolic SAR changed.01 and.1 / Entry Strategy / When H1 and M15 are in the same direction then every. sell / / int CheckExitCondition(int cmd) return (false / / CheckEntryCondition / / Indicators used / pSAR / When H1 and M15 are in the same direction then / every time that M1 changes in that direction, / enter a trade at the. MagicNumber) continue; ticket OrderTicket ol OrderLots if(OrderType OP_BUY) if (CheckExitCondition(OP_BUY) true) CloseOrder(ticket, ol,OP_BUY else if(OrderType OP_sell) if (CheckExitCondition(OP_sell) true) CloseOrder(ticket, ol,OP_sell else / / Check Open Position Controls / int CheckOpenPositions int cnt, total; int NumTrades; NumTrades 0; totalOrdersTotal OrderSelect (cnt, select_BY_POS, mode_trades if (. MA5 GannHilo psar is a pattern following.