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rapidement. Recent survey data underline this increasing bifurcation. Deals at today's price are called the "spot" market and bets can also be made on forward exchange rates. Can such scandals la plateforme d'option binaire avis 2017 be prevented? The fall in global trade and gross capital flows in recent years partly explains why FX spot activity has fallen. How does it work? Les devises sont flottantes, c'est-à-dire que leur cours fluctue chaque jour, sous l'effet des opérations financières qui ont lieu. 1, jEL classification: C42, C82, F31, G12, G15. This had apparently been going on for several years. Some have a comparative advantage in internalising large volumes because of their presence across different markets. Borio, C, R McCauley, P McGuire and V Sushko (2016 " Covered interest parity lost: understanding the cross-currency basis BIS Quarterly Review, September, pp 45-64.

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A large and diverse set of clients is key to a successful business model based on internalisation, and such a client base is most easily served via a major FX trading hub. The Triennial reveals that spot now amounts to less than half of total turnover, while the share of FX swap trading has reached. Analysis has often relied on soft information obtained via market contacts. «Il suffit de devenir trader, tu peux mme investir depuis chez toi, lui répond un autre internaute. Graph 2, left-hand panel). This type of inter-dealer trading between core and periphery is very different from the classic "hot potato" trading of inventory imbalances, which used to be the main driver of trading growth among dealers.

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