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Less than one week ago i was posting on another thread how forex is soo illiquid compared to stock indices, we all have seen the fx market hugely impacted from various "news that of course is nothing bad at all, it's just how currency market. CAC40, the CAC 40 (French: CAC quarante kak kat) (Cotation Assiste en Continu) is a benchmark French stock market index. Data.5 (Retail - 5) 0, cAC40.8.8 0 -1.36 -2.24, friday. (Retail -.5 metatrader 4 09:00 - 23:00 Mon - Fri; pre-close margining from 20:00 Fri. Our technology, our cutting edge technology enables you to enter your trades with only desk dealing forex brokers a single click of a button. Admiral Markets UK Ltd. Usdchf.077770.258, usdjpy.077770.258, fTSE.077770.258. CAC40 Index CFD, cash (EUR) (CAC40). Dow Jones éviter les horaires : je fais un papier tous les matins pour signaler les news qui peuvent chahuter les marchés, d'une manière générale éviter news US (presque toutes). Start with just 200 EUR, start Trading, parameters.

Quite interesting, the differences with currencies are abyssal. In fact it was quite a crazy day for dax, with a range of 482pips (wow what a day the greece news that slightly impacted eur had on dax a huge impact. CAC 40 failed to break above 5540 as it is a clearly prevailing resistance Level.

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Best wishes to you! Gbpusd.077770.258, eurchf.077770.258, eurgbp.077770.258. I will also post my opinions, trade calls, analysis, ideas, opinions, comments, and executed trades. The only rule (please read carefully and observe this rule, otherwise there is a sure ban Only post about the above markets, no forex, no commodities, no anything else. Volatilité 9h00 11h30-12h00 (12h00 13h30 plutôt mort) : pour voir une tendance attend 9h30 plutôt 10h00 (on a souvent des rebonds vers 10h30 si on a pas mal baissé par exemple). Data.5 (Retail - 5) 0, cAC40.8.8 0 -1.36 -2.24, friday. (Retail -.5) Metatrader 5 09:00 - 23:00 Mon - Fri; pre-close margining from 20:00 Fri NB! I don't trust the us stock indices, they looks to me as "spiky" and illiquid as the fx market, and as the whole point here is to trade a market that is very liquid, looking around i've found what is my choice: (from wikipedia).